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Vital•Shok® Swift® A-Frame®

Handgun hunters enjoy a true challenge. But when it comes to their bullets they leave nothing to chance. Federal Premium® is proud to offer another robust, proven bullet in the Swift® A-Frame®. High weight retention and controlled expansion, regardless of distance, make these rounds ideal for big game.

Nice round“Took my whitetail with this. Good knock down, dropped within 20 yards ;)” - beggindog

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PART #UseCaliberBullet Weight GrainsMuzzle VelocityBullet StyleReviews


Medium Game357 Magnum1801130Swift® A-Frame®


Medium Game41 Rem. Magnum2101360Swift® A-Frame®


Medium Game44 Rem. Magnum2801170Swift® A-Frame®


Medium Game454 Casull3001520Swift® A-Frame®


Medium Game460 S&W3001750Swift® A-Frame®


Large, Heavy Game500 S&W3251800Swift® A-Frame®

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From hunting to target shooting to personal defense, Federal Premium has pioneered the industry's most important handgun ammunition technologies. We continue to innovate and it shows in every product in our handgun line.

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