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Vital•Shok® Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw

The world-famous Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw from Federal Premium® is a deadly-reliable bullet for large, heavy game. Its bonded jacket and core retain more than 95 percent of the bullet’s weight for deep penetration. Bonding also ensures the bullet holds together and dumps a maximum amount of energy on impact. The design’s grooved shank improves accuracy across all rifle platforms.

.300 Win. Mag Trophy Bonded Bearclaw“I have killed numerous elk from 200 to 524 yards with this factory load (200 gr.). By far, the best round for elk. The w...” - Larry1947

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PART #UseCaliberBullet Weight GrainsMuzzle VelocityBullet StyleReviews


Large, Heavy Game7mm Rem. Magnum1752750Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game30-06 Springfield2002540Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game300 Win. Magnum2002700Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game338 Win. Magnum2252730Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game35 Whelen2252600Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game375 H&H Magnum2502670Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®


Large, Heavy Game45-70 Government3001850Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®

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Federal Premium created the premium category of rifle ammunition in 1977, when we first combined the finest bullets with our world-class brass, primers and propellants. We're still the industry's technology leader.

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