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Mag•Shok® Lead with FLITECONTROL® Wad

Want the tightest long-range patterns possible in a conventional payload? Choose Federal Premium® Mag•Shok® lead. High-quality copper-plated lead shot and the rear-braking FLITECONTROL® wad provide dense patterns that crush distant longbeards.

It does what it says!“Don't think you can hunt turkey without a fancy extra full choke? Think again! The flite control wad is not a gimmick. I...” - 111t

3 Products

PART #UseGaugeShell Length IN / MMMuzzle VelocityWeight Ounces / GrainsSlug Type / Shot SizeReviews

PFC101F 4

Turkey103 1/2 / 8913002 / 56.714

PFC101F 5

Turkey103 1/2 / 8913002 / 56.715

PFC101F 6

Turkey103 1/2 / 8913002 / 56.716

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When it comes to shotshell ammunition, Federal Premium leads--the rest simply follow. Our technologies have shaped the industry and we continue to redefine shotshell performance.

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